Simplicity is my ultimate goal

25 Jan 2017


Many of us girls dress elegantly and many more would like to be dressed elegantly but do not know how to do it. It is actually simple.

| Elegance is minimal

You will find that most elegant girls dress very often with simplicity. They tend to avoid loud colours such as vibrant colours, yellow or orange for instance. Most of the time they do not wear variegated patterns or contrasting elements. Usually, I opt for neutrals or tones that match my skin colour. Monochromatic over poly-chromatic.  

| Don't look like everybody else, wear what suits you

You want to look impeccable? You need to know what works best for you. This goes for the colour choice to the cut of the clothes you wear. You must know your most flats according to your figure. Whether it's for jeans, skirts, dresses and even tops. Recognising the cuts most adapted to your morphology and the hues most adapted to your skin texture will allow you to refuse any compromise when purchasing a new garmentIt is always better to spend a little more and have an impeccably fitting garment than to throw on an item that will never show you off. 

Find your own style

Finding your style is not an easy thing to do, but it is a matter of the utmost importance when dressed with elegance. If you are not sure of your outfit, you will not feel comfortable and this will be noticed, Take stock of your dressing room and look at the different styles that your clothes represent. I guarantee you this will work.

| Evolving with grace and ease 

Believe it or not, your posture, your approach, the confidence you have in yourself ... have an importance on the aura that you release. Having a good posture and having confidence in you can help you look more elegant. 

Learn to love neutral colors

If you want to dress elegantly, it is essential to learn to love neutral colors. Black is often the tastiest choice you can do to be chic and elegant. This does not mean that you can not wear colors or patterns. However, knowing the importance of natural hues can be of great help. Once you master these colors, you can mix them with other colors or with patterns. 



18 Jan 2017


In life, we can be a lot of thing. However, I personally believe that there is a primordial value to keep in purpose, and to share. Being happy. We are here for that . For nothing else I think. So let's make it happen now. I can allow you to comprehend this processWhat to do, or what to avoid. But I urge that you take the initiative. For today, I want to share directly with you beautiful things . Little secrets drawn here and there that prove that happiness is already around you, as it is around me. All I can say is don't  think. Just be. 

|The biggest mistake

In spite of being an awkward creature, having little confidence in you, the biggest errors of the world have already been made. Your contribution will do no harm. It will only be minor. The biggest catastrophes have already taken place. Honestly, it's reassuring.

|The Passion

Passion is an incredible thing.  We just find what makes us vibrate, then we invest our time with pleasure, we advance, we understand, we improve, we become good. It is this backbone that makes us move forward without difficulty, whatever our situation, or our age. Everyone is entitled to it. And you, have you ever found your passion?

|Prohibition of war is possible.

Japan did it. The country has registered and signed in its constitution that they forever renounce war or use of force as means of settling international disputes. So it is possible.

|The power to make people happy

You and I have an immense power in our hands. We can ignore or be aware, but it is there. We can make people happy today. We just have to speak kindly, say yes more often, or simply smile at the people you meet. The effect will be immediate, I guarantee you. There is an exception however, some people find it impossible to smile at people. I have encountered this trait too many times from people I don't know and the significant few that I do know. I don't mind the people I do not know. There's this person I've had misunderstandings with back in the past. We ended up sorting it out and since then, I have encountered this person a few times in public. Initially I smiled at her, and on many different occasions but she always portray a rather sour, cold and rude attitude. It is simply unattractive, if only she knew. Frankly, rudeness is a weak person's imitation of strength. I smile and greet without pride because I am smart, I am the bigger person. A bit of maturity goes a long way.

|Someone thinks about you

We do not think much about this, we do not feel it, but there are always people who think of us. 
There's the family, obviously, friends, but mostly all the people with whom we've been in contact, from near or far. This happens. We think back to a person that we have not seen recently, perhaps they learned something from us, or a sentence he/she said? People think of us for the same reasons. Statistically, mathematically, this happens regularly. We have influence over other lives.

|All the answers are there

Are you facing a problem? Do you have specific questions about anything? There is a very good chance that someone is already asking these same questions, and perhaps have even shared their answers in a book . Read, you will learn everything you want to know.

|All ideas are there

Looking for ideas? Are you investigating your passion? Browse through Pinterest , you will be faced with other fans who share their passion and you will get a lot of inspiration.  

|Everyone participates

Good news! Participatory initiatives have never been more important than they are today. We participate in everything : in trade, to finance, big and small ideas forward us to advanced associations, ideas to help the poor. Be part of something. Contribute. It is incredibly encouraging.

|The important people

That right! People of great titles. I will not make an endless list here but here is a small hint, Mark Zuckerberg. Most of the influential people in the world do not come from large schools or wealthy families. So drop your excuses :)


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