Simplicity is my ultimate goal

29 Aug 2016


Growing up, life taught me one lesson that my fancy schools couldn't teach me. To be a positive individual. Of course I picked up on the norms. For instance: be nice, do what you are told, be punctual, smile, be tidy, etc. Obeying rules and regulations basically. In other words, I was always told and obligated to be positive but sometimes it was unintentional. Seriously sometimes I did not intend to smile at someone who hated me. A teacher who tortures you and expects you to brush everything under the rag and treat them with utter respect. Telling a friend never really helps. They always respond with something like "try to be positive about it", "smile", "kill them with kindness". What does this really mean? What if the fake smile leaves me drained and drowning in my own foolish pride? Isn't that negativity?

So! I recently gathered just enough ways to be positive which help us get through the negativity we may encounter in our daily lives. It is a very negative world we occupy and it is up to us as individuals to opt for positiveness.



One can argue that this statement is controversial. How do we remain optimistic through the harsh realities of life? Losing the ones you love, losing your job, the inability to complete a mortgage or not affording your favorite car or perhaps breaking up with the significant other! How exactly can we just swallow that and be happy? This would be a great debate. Furthermore, I feel like the word 'optimistic' is tossed around a lot these days. From my daily encounters and interactions, I often notice that 'optimism' is often confused with 'overlooking situations'. There is a fine line between being positive and overlooking a situation. Optimism is hope, overlooking is more like a quick fix that could backfire in the future.There is an expensive price to pay for overlooking things in life. I personally see it as nothing more than a cowardly act. There is an exception however, some things are better overlooked. Lastly, instead of getting pissed about something, try harder to focus on the positive part of it. Be positive. Focus on what you have done, not what you haven't. Remember that it is harder to be unhappy. 


Do not misunderstand this statement. I am not telling you to bend backwards trying to impress others. I simply mean be the best version of yourself in order to fulfill your life with possibilities, happiness and positiveness. Start at home. Treat your siblings with respect no matter the age and make sure they do the same for you. Do a chore without being told and so on. Listening to others as much as we want to be listened to because they too have a story. Cleaning your apartment and cooking fresh meals instead of thriving on fast foods. You wont believe what you can achieve from small positive decisions and changes. You will feel much better about yourself and this is the foundation of a positive life.


I can not address in words how vital this is in our lives. Choose your friends correctly and very wisely. We go through stages of friendship in our lives. The friends we make before we turn five or neighbour friend (childhood friends), the primary school friends, highschool friends, college friends and so on. These differ in many ways and play a huge role in shaping our characters and personalities. The friendship relationship is a strong one. Happy times, memories, favourite teachers, discos, sleepovers, yellow roses and more. As much as there exist joy and harmony in these relationships there is also a dark side filled with hate, envy, betrayal,backstabbing, gossip, negativity, power, etc. Therefore is important that we recognise  these negative traits and know when to walk away. A positive atmosphere is a healthy one. It is necessary. Moreover, always opt for positive interactions. Invest in relations that will aid your growth and bring out the best in you. Legends say ''show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are''. Invest your time into positive people who inspire you, teach you and  appreciate you for you are. 


Feeling good on the inside will automatically make you feel good on the outside. Eat well. By this I simply mean ensure that you eat enough fruits and vegetables. Get enough sleep. Drink enough water and get a gym membership or exercise at home..


As I like to put it "it is risky not to take risks". Fear. Sometimes fear holds us back from pursuing life goals and hinders  us from taking risks. Overcoming the fear may be a hard task but it pays off. Be fearless and take the risk.


Nothing like adding value to someone's life that leaves you with the great feeling of accomplishment. We are so divided we have forgotten that we one one. People are becoming lonelier. However, helping others draws us closer. As a Libra I constantly search for happiness and I know that the best place to find it is by helping others. I love fixing everything. From cracked mirrors to broken emotions. I help the stranger not because I am obliged, but the joy in them fills me too. Furthermore, by volunteering I do not necessarily mean joining a charity organisation. It is a great idea however, but I'm referring to the effortless little things like picking up a product that fell off the shelf, not littering, feeding the birds, giving to the beggars , ect.

To sum up all of that, these are the six lessons I have taught myself to live by in order to secure a healthy positive life. Hopefully this helped :)



  1. I'm glad I stumbled on your picture and decided to go to your page. To find you changed your blog I wanted to see the new look and stuff. This particular topic caught my eye cause as individuals we go through different situations and we never choose them they choose us. I'm going through a tough time, I'm taking cross Road typer situation in my life. The crazy thing is we think coming across one cross Road ends there but at the end of that cross Road you come across another one and a new journey. This was helpful thank you

  2. You are welcome, I'm glad this helped :)


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