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13 Oct 2016



I have quite a fair tone. I have hipper pigmentation and sometimes my skin breaks out. My facial skin is not as sensitive. I have an oily forehead and t-zone and my cheeks are often dry. I am naturally the shade honey beige but I am currently mixing up shades to match my colour. I recently visited a really hot climate condition and I did get sun burn. I went to South Africa in May which was hot enough and I also visited Portugal in June which was boiling hot. At the moment my skin is repairing itself and gradually going back to its natural colour. About two months ago I bought a Revlon caramel and I would mix it with B.Even's oil control foundation in the colour honey. It worked then but I had to find a better shade. After watching so many reviews on Nars' sheer glow foundation I thought I'd head in to Brown Thomas for a quick purchase. While at it I decided to get the concealer as well.

I tried two shades and I was really happy with the shade tahoe. I explained to the lady that I have dry patches but I am mostly oily in the t-zone so she recommend the 'sheer glow foundation' over 'all day luminous weightless foundation'. I finally found my perfect match. At least for the next three months or so.

So far I am loving this brand

Price: €45
Volume: 30 mls
Shade: Tahoe


Texture wise, the sheer glow foundation is a very creamy texture where as the weightless foundation is rather light. I'm definitely not the one to spend on a BB cream or a weightless foundation. I want full coverage, but a nice evenly concentrated creamy warm tone. I don't have a flawless facial skin. I have a few dark marks from old pimples and a few blemishes so I want to even out everything. After I applied the Sheer Glow foundation over the Nars' pore refining primer, I was very content with the flawless result.


The Sheer Glow foundation lasts for so long. I applied it in the morning for a photo shoot and in the night is was still flawless for a night out. It really does last. With a good fixing spray you wont have to constantly fix your foundation through out the day.

One disadvantage! I was not pleased with paying the extra four euros for a pump. A normal foundation comes with an attached permanent pump but Nars charges separately bringing the price to €45 which I think is ridiculous. The pump shouldn't be optional because it is necessary. I mean what other way are we supposed to get the foundation out of the bottle other than pumping it out? Really, the extra charge is a hideous idea.   


Price: €20
Shade: Custard


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